3 Tank Games from 1992 to the Present

You are into tanks? Guess what, we are too. And that is why we present you the best tank games since 1992!

Pacific Islands (1992)

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Pacific Islands was a first person tanks game that put you in control of a whole platoon.

It has a fair deal of tactic involved and it is a great simulation game involving team management. The storyline is fairly simple: the national security of a pacific island is on stake as some conflicts arise. The game allows one to change between the various units under your order. Your primary aim with your teams is to take over the crucial areas of the enemies, destroy them and to break their communication networks. The design of the game is nicely detailed. You find yourself in the jungle, in the mines and several other settings. The control is also quite good. Overall the game and the design are pretty good considering the year it was made in. Pretty old-school, huh?

Tokyo Wars (1995)

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You know your city has seen better days, when your roads are overrun with two large teams of tanks. That’s exactly the situation you find yourself in when playing Tokyo Wars. You take control of either the green or white tank squadrons. And there’s one single goal you follow: destroy the other one. 

As much as eight players can join in this game with a selection between Soviet T72s or Japanese Type 90 Kyu-maru in the tank melee at once. The images remain crushing cars and remarkable to this day beneath your tank’s treads stays one of the purest enjoyments of gaming. Tokyo Wars spiritual sequel can also be worth checking out: the called Tank! Tank! Tank!

World Of Tanks (2010 to present)

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With a concurrent player record that keeps being broken over and over again and just under 80 million registered users, World of Tanks on PC is now one among the century’s largest online tank games in record time.

The game has an incredible amount of over 500 armored vehicles — all of which can be controlled by the player! World Of Tanks is a massive multiplayer online tank game that puts you in control of a SPG, tank destroyer, or just one tank. The game then throws you into the game: up to 30 players can be in one single game.

When you’re tank is destroyed the game is over for you. At that point you can either watch the remainder of the match play out over player cams, or rebound right back to your garage and leap into another game before the preceding one has even finished. 

Like tank games? Check out this alternatives.

World of Tanks is definitely the greatest free to play MMO out there. Its nicely polished, with sound effects that are great, nicely in-depth and historically correct tanks and wide range of maps which makes it the best of the tank games you can find online at this moment. This game is certainly a 10/10, and it’s so addictive that you can spend hours and hours playing without getting bored. This team-MMO is a surefire winner, balancing pleasure and detail with action. However, if you are looking for alternatives, here are two games that are similar and lots of fun as well. 

"World of Warplanes" comes from the same developer as World of Tanks, so you can be sure that you’ll have a experience that is similar to playing WoT. World of Warplanes, however, is an action MMO that concentrates on classic planes instead of tanks (obviously) starting with 1930’s biplanes through to Korean War jet fighters.

There are several dozen airplanes in the game totally upgradeable with a distinctive tech tree. Like the World of Tanks Game it can be played at no cost, but the in-game money system favors those that put down some cash. Players can join together to take out AI-managed targets, or take aim at each other in PvP battle.

One aim the developers have in World of Warplanes is always to make the experience enough realistic that serious gamers will enjoy it, but still make the airplanes simple to control. Simply point the cursor in the way you wish to go, and the plane will fly there. In that sense this game is a great alternative to World of Tanks and if you generally enjoy free to play tank games online, but just looking for a good alternative once in a while. 

By the way there’s also a “World of Warships”. Check it out:

In some ways the game “War Thunder” is also very similar to World of Tanks. Again this game features planes rather than tanks. There are dozens upon dozens of planes in this game - all different. They plan to include ground units in the game as well, but so far there are just a few tanks. 

Whoaa! One of the best tanks game out there right now… Really easy to get the hang of it but so addictive. Russian medium tank line totally crushes it for me right now

Whoaa! One of the best tanks game out there right now… Really easy to get the hang of it but so addictive. Russian medium tank line totally crushes it for me right now

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